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Teufelshund Meritorious Mast
aka "Meri"

A formation during which awards and promotions are made. From the navy tradition of gathering the crew around the main mast of the ship to deliver punishment and rewards. In the modern Marine Corps it is a written recognition of work well done and is of greater value than a Letter of Appreciation or a Certificate of Commendation.

Meri is the daughter of 
Excalibur Nicholas von Teufelshund and Teufelshund Freedom Isnt Free.
Shabrea's Noble von Teufelshund
Bred by and Co-Owned with Michelle Olive
Thank you, Michelle, for trusting me with this sweet, handsome boy.
6 Generation Pedigree
Noble is named for General Alfred Houston Noble (October 26, 1894 – September 27, 1983) A United States Marine Corps general who served in combat with the Marines from World War I in the Battle of Belleau Wood to World War II in the Pacific theater. His last command, before retiring from the Marine Corps with over 39 years of service, was as Commanding General, Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic in Norfolk, Virginia.  General Noble received his fourth star after his retirement and is known as a "Tombstone" General.
Not only is Noble named after a Marine Corps General because it is tradition here at Teufelshund; Noble's father is the distinguished Daneridge General of Shabrea and his grandfather is the very well-known BISS CH GMJ's The General D'Kota

Noble decided he needed to be Service Dog to Hank March of 2012.
He is 100% dedicated to Hank and has learned on his own so many ways to be of help to him.
Noble does remain a Sire for our breeding program without it affecting his ability to Serve.
Teufelshund Semper Fidelis
aka "Faith"

Latin for “always faithful”. The current motto of the U. S. Marine Corps. Often expressed informally as Semper Fi.  Selected by Commandant McCawley to replace "Fortitudine" which had been the motto of the Marine Corps in its early days.

Faith is the daughter of 
Excalibur Krulak von Teufelshund and 
RAAZ G'd Morning Vietnam v Teufelshund.
You can view her pedigree by clicking on the pedigree links next to her parent's pictures below.

Teufelshund USNS Mercy
aka "Mercy"

The third USNS Mercy (T-AH-19) is the lead ship of her class of hospital ships in the United States Navy.  She was named for the virtue of compassion.  Her primary mission is to provide rapid, flexible, and mobile acute medical and surgical services to support Marine Corps Air/Ground Task Forces deployed ashore, Army and Air Force units deployed ashore, and naval amphibious task forces and battle forces afloat. Secondarily, she provides mobile surgical hospital service for use by appropriate US Government agencies in disaster or humanitarian relief or limited humanitarian care incident to these missions or peacetime military operations.

Mercy is the daughter of
Excalibur Krulak von Teufelshund and
Teufelshund GI Jane
Excalibur Krulak von Teufelshund
aka "Boss"

General Charles Chandler Krulak (born March 4, 1942) served as the 31st Commandant of the Marine Corps from July 1, 1995 to June 30, 1999. He is the son of Lieutenant General Victor H. "Brute" Krulak, USMC, who served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

7 Generation Picture Pedigree
Excalibur Nicholas von Teufelshund
aka "Nicky"

Samuel Nicholas (1744 – 27 August 1790) was the first officer commissioned in the United States Continental Marines (now the United States Marine Corps) and by tradition is considered to be the first Commandant of the Marine Corps.

7 Generation Picture Pedigree
Teufelshund Freedom Isn't Free
aka "Grace"

7 Generation Picture Pedigree
RAAZ G'd Morning Vietnam v Teufelshund
aka "Goody"

6 Generation Picture Pedigree
Teufelshund GI Jane

We lost our Jane to bloat August of 2009
Teufelshund Pearl Harbor
aka "Pearl"

Pearl is the daughter of 
Noble and Goody
Michael von Rauber, aka "Mickey" is Teufelshund's new stud boy.  But, he is also my son's much-loved pet.  Mickey has the most even temperament I have ever seen in a Great Dane.  I acquired him when he was slightly over 3 years old, May 2013 and had him fully health tested right away.  According to my vet, Mickey has the best hip structure he has ever seen on any dog.  He tested excellent/negative for heart, hips, elbows, von Willibrand's and Hypothyroidism.  He weighs 185 lbs.  He is available at stud to females with excellent/negative health testing and approved pedigrees and color.  Mickey does not carry the harlequin gene.  That means that when he is bred to harlequin females, they will produce a higher percentage of harlequin puppies than when they are bred to males that do carry the harlequin gene.  If you need more information on the genetics, please contact me.

Mickey's Pedigree
Teufelshund Moving Mountains
 aka "Moo".

Moo weighed 35 lbs at 10 weeks of age.  The first time my son-in-law saw her he said, "Holy Cow" - and she became known as Moo.  It wasn't easy coming up with a registered name for her after that!

Moo is the daughter of Teufelshund USNS Mercy and Bex The Heavens Declare.